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Official Rules

Official Rules

  • ​All users start with the same amount of free credits set at the start of the day by OT Picks, 12am PST on the first tournament period day.

  • Players use their free credits to bet on all available games.

  • Users must make at least 1 bet per tournament period, and exceed the starting allotted credits to qualify for any prizes.

  • All users can only use 110 reward credits per day.

  • All users can only have one account per person.

  • Credits reset per tournament period to the same amount for everyone.

  • Payouts will be displayed on the leaderboard page, right under "tournament prizes". Your credits are not prize money or real money in any way or form.

  • Only 200 credits can be used per day total on parlay bets.

  • Users will be paid out based on current tournament periods and leaderboard tournament prizes displayed.

  • Users must have at least a minimum of $10.00USD in winnings to withdraw money from OT Picks.

  • Users will be paid out via Venmo within one week.

  • Please see terms and conditions for more details.

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